Top 5 Ways To Do 3 Way Calling

3 way calling

Have you ever experience to talk to more than one friend on the phone? Three-way calling make this thing possible. iPhone and Android users may call up to five people at same time. Three-way calling means you can do call between more than two peoples at once. It can transfer calls without revealing the number of other members and helps you to hang up with three members without any interruption.

Let me tell you how to make three ways calls from different phones.

From Landlines.

  • While you are on your first call and try to connect another person in the call press the switch hook or flash button once. This makes the first caller on hold and activates a dial tone. They’ll remain on hold while you make the second call.
  • Once you able to connect the second caller, take the first caller back into the conversation by pressing the switch hook or flash button again.
  • In case if the second caller doesn’t answer, press the flash button to restore the first connection, and the second call will be automatically disconnected.

From Android:

  • While you are on the call with the one person and want to call the second one at the same time and discuss anything. Go for the add call option and dial the number.
  • After the second person picks your call let him know that you are going to make 3 way calling and then select the option merge calls.
  • By this way, you can make 3 ways calling at the same time. In Android, you can add 5 members at once by following same criteria

For iphone users:

  • To make a 3 way calling in iPhone, First, you have to call the first person after he/she pick your call. Make sure to that person, you are going to do a conference call. Go for an additional call option with the icon of + or search the name of second person and call.
  • After he picks your call Let them know you are in the process of setting up a conference call. Then click the merge call option.
  • This will combine the two individual phone calls into a conference call. The “merge calls” option is located in the bottom left corner of two rows of icons. It temporarily replaced the “add call” option now.

For Blackberry users:

  • As a Blackberry phone user, you want to do 3 way calling the same time. Click on the track wheel and select the new call.
  • Highlight the contact, click the trackwheel and select the call option.
  • When the first contact is gets highlighted, click on track wheel and select hold option.
  • Now click the track wheel and select new call.
  • Select the second person and again click on track wheel and do call. After you are connected to the second call, click the track wheel and join calls.

For mobile device users:

It’s very simple to join 3 ways calling through your mobile devices.

  • While you are on the call and want to join that call with the second person at same time. Search the name of that person from your contact list or dial his number.
  • Now click the calling button, when the second person picks your call, let him know that you are going to make three-way calling.
  • Now go in option and select join calls.
  • You are able to do conference call by this way through your mobile.

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